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Baby Alive Custom Made Bottles & Pacifiers - So Cute!

Baby Alive dolls now have more accessory choices with the custom made magnetic or non-magnetic bottles and custom made magnetic or non-magnetic pacifiers.  These items are made from real baby bottles and pacifiers.

Just look in the menu column for Dolls or Baby Alive Accessories.  


Safety is the responsibility of the parent or person in charge of the child.  We recommend our custom made doll items for ages 8 years and older, but we do believe that a parent can decide what age is right based on the following information.   
  • Do NOT put these items in your mouth
  • Do NOT suck or chew on the items
  • Do NOT force the bottle open by trying to unscrew the bottle lid
  • Keep magnets away from all electronics including pacemakers and defibrilators
  • Keep away from small children who may be able to swallow a pacifier
  • Store the bottles upright when not using
  • Shake the bottles regularly to keep the fake "milk" looking good
  • Do NOT drink the liquids if the bottle breaks, regardless of whether it is non-toxic.  Any liquid enclosed in a bottle builds up bacteria so it's not a good idea to drink it.  
With all being said, we have supervised our one year old while feeding the dolls and using the magnetic pacifier.  He loves watching the dolls come to life and make their sounds.  He knows how to put the pacifier in the doll's mouth and we know how to tell him not to put the pacifier in his own mouth.  Same with the bottles.  He is much more tempted by the bottles but each time he tries, we just tell him no and show him that the bottle goes in the baby's mouth.  Little ones can play with supervision.  Older children can use these items safely without supervision.  


Yes, they do look good and they look very real.  The Baby Alive dolls come in a variety of sizes and types.  The smallest size doll we staged our items with has been about 12 inches.  The largest is about 17 inches. We use the smaller, 2oz bottles to go with all sizes of the dolls.  We use the larger 5oz bottles to go with the larger Baby Alive dolls primarily but they also look cute with the smaller dolls you see below.  It's easy enough to imagine if you would like a set with your doll by looking at the pictures.  If you have the same sized dolls as the dolls in the picture, that is a great way to see how everything looks together.


Changing Time Wets & Wiggles Monkey Set - 2 oz bottle and Newborn Magnetic Pacifier.

Baby Alive Changing Time Wets & Wiggles Interactive Doll is about 13 inches tall.  She is shown with the Minnie Mouse Set, 5oz bottle. 
Changing Time Wets and Wiggles with 2oz baby bottle.


3 Smaller Baby Alive Dolls ranging in size from 12 inches and smaller.  The bottles shown are 5oz bottles partially filled with fake, non toxic milk.  

Feeding the smallest Baby Alive doll that we have.  Non-magnetic.  2 oz bottle.  Close up shown below.


No.  Baby Alive makes what are called interactive dolls and there are only certain dolls that will take these custom made magnetic pacifiers.  The dolls we have found that work well with these are the My Baby Alive Doll from Hasbro 2010 and the Baby Alive Changing Time Wets and Wiggles doll.  We have been told that these will work with the Baby Alive Surprise dolls and the large, soft faced, Baby Alive doll.

Some of the newer doll models have magnets inside their mouths but apparently they are made differently so they don't always work with the custom made magnetic accessories.  It's best to look at the description and pictures that are provided or ask the seller questions before buying just to be sure.

The older, interactive dolls that the magnetic bottle and pacifier accessories work with have a deeper, wider mouth with a hidden magnet inside the mouth.  These dolls can take a regular newborn through 6 month sized baby pacifier which will go either the full way into the doll's mouth or at least most of the way.  Therefore, if you want to be sure, just try out a regular baby newborn or 0-6 month sized pacifier before buying one custom made.  If the regular baby pacifier fits in your doll's mouth then the custom made magnetic pacifiers will work.

Magnet in pacifier surrounded by silicone.

The custom made magnetic pacifiers have a magnet in the tip and are filled with a flexible clear or white silicone.  The silicone dries and the magnet is secure.  The only way to get the magnet back out of the pacifier would be to cut it open and remove it.   When you put the magnetic pacifier in your doll's mouth, it will activate your doll's sucking sounds.  If it doesn't then you need to check to make sure your batteries are working or if your doll is really interactive.  These work 100% of the time with the right doll.

The magnetic bottles are regular sized baby bottles with regular sized baby nipples.  The liquid does not flow out of the bottle.  It's sealed inside and is not made for your doll to drink, but to pretend to drink.  The magnet is securely placed inside the nipple tip and surrounded by flexible clear or white silicone.  Once again, the magnet will not dislocate unless you remove it physically by cutting it out of the nipple.  These bottles will only fit in the interactive older dolls with larger and deeper mouths. The object is to just get the nipple tip right inside the mouth so the magnets connect to make the sounds.

To get the nipple tip inside your doll's mouth, simply hold the bottle down by the rim.  Press the bottle to the lips and while pressing, wiggle the nipple tip back and forth until it goes in or until you hear the sucking sound.  Applying a bit of water to the nipple tip helps the bottle tip to slide in a bit easier.  Some bottles will go in farther than others but it isn't necessary.  Either way they look real as if your doll is drinking a milk or juice bottle.


Some of the accessories that are made for the interactive dolls will look cute or work well with the non interactive dolls.  The difference is that there are no magnets in the bottle nipple tips or pacifier nipples.  If you are looking to buy a pacifier, you need to make sure that a regular baby pacifier will fit into your doll's mouth.  If that is the case, you can simply order or buy a regular newborn or 0-6 month pacifier to use with your doll.   The same goes for a bottle.  If you are buying a set that has a bottle or just the custom made bottle, the bottles will work with every size but will only go inside the larger doll's mouths.  We have used these bottle and pacifier sets, with and without magnets, for all sizes of our Baby Alive Dolls. 


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