Baby Alive Pacifiers - Handmade and Magnetic for 2010 My Baby Alive Doll

Baby Alive Pacifiers

It's pretty hard to find any cute baby alive pacifiers these days.  Once your original, hard plastic pacifier goes missing, then what do you do?

Well, we have been making our own pacifiers for our different sized Baby Alive Dolls.  For now, the best looking pacifiers that fit right inside the doll is for the 2010, interactive, My Baby Alive Doll.  They look adorable.  You can find a great selection on our Amazon website in our store.  Just type "handmade" in the search bar and the baby alive items will show up.  We are constantly looking for cute pacifiers for our dolls so feel free to check us out.  VISIT:      

Here are a few samples for your preview.

My Baby Alive Pacifier HI for our 2010 Doll.  Perfect fit!

I love Mommy - Baby Alive Magnetic Pacifier - Best seller!

Adorable little monkey pacifier for the 2010 Baby Alive Interactive Doll

Our doll is about 17 inches tall.  You can see how she looks with the pacifier on her face.

HI Baby Alive Magnet Pacifier.  Colorful and Cute!

These Baby Alive pacifiers are handmade by us.  A new pacifier is used.  We add a magnet and fill the nipple with silicone and let it dry.  It gets pretty messy but we clean it up and have a great product that will last you for as long as you own your doll.  Remember though, these are magnetic and you do need to keep them away from all electronics, pacemakers, defibrillators, etc.



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