Baby Alive Dolls - Introduction to Cute Handmade Accessories

Having been making accessories for the Reborn Baby Doll market for years, it was obvious that the Baby Alive Doll market could use some sprucing up.

After watching numerous Baby Alive videos, one thing was certain.  So many people, young and old alike, love their dolls.  Most of the dolls being shown had lots of accessories and were being treated like family members.

We purchased a number of Baby Alive dolls to see what types of products would compliment each type of doll and add a bit of spice to their lives so to speak.  We made up a few really cute combinations to add to these little beauties and will be sharing them each time we get a chance.

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 I'm not so sure that they spend as much money on accessories as those in the Reborn doll market do, but it might be because many of the actual brand name products don't look that real and aren't anywhere near as cute as the items made for reborn dolls.

We would love to change that.  You can go here to look at and buy some of our listings and we will be diligently adding more as we make them.

Here are our first 3 model dolls.  The tallest is an interactive Baby Alive doll and she is about 12 inches tall.  The middle one and the smaller one are not interactive, but they sure are cute.  The middle one is about 11 inches tall and the smallest one is approximately 10 inches tall.  We have a larger, 17 inch My Baby Alive doll on it's way. 

3 of Our Baby Alive Dolls 

When we got our Baby Alive dolls, we decided to try our different reborn doll accessories with each size so we could see what they looked like.  Each doll had it's challenges which we are continuing to try to meet.

The 12 inch doll looked good with every item we offered.  The two smaller ones looked better with the preemie sized reborn bottles we had.  We were surprised that all of our reborn pacifiers looked very cute on each doll even though the doll's sizes are different.

We wanted to try to modify some of our pacifiers to work with the dolls, but did not have much success.  The dolls have different shaped mouths and are not deep enough at these sizes to actually take a regular pacifier.  As a result, we did the same thing with the Baby Alive dolls that we do with our reborn dolls.  We simply cut off the nipples and used a combination of glue dots and putty to make the pacifiers stick to the doll's mouths and that worked well.  That will open up a whole new realm for the dolls and give doll owners so many more choices.

Like most of the Baby Alive accessories, caution needs to be used around children who do not understand safety issues.  We recommend our accessories for any child who is able to understand the following:  Do not put accessories in their mouths.  Do not chew or suck on the pacifier nipples.  Do not rub the pacifier nipples between your fingers.


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