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Baby Alive dolls come with their own little doll bottles.  They are cute and they work well with the dolls.  However, the older your doll gets, the harder it is to find replacement parts for the dolls, regardless of what it is.  You can buy them on our own website: CLICK HERE TO BUY

Because we have been making reborn baby doll bottles for years, (see our Etsy store) we looked into what other kinds of dolls might need some cute replacement bottles.  Baby Alive dolls were at the top of the list.

We have handmade some great combinations of Baby Alive bottles with matching pacifier sets or stand alone bottles as desired.  The bottles are made using a mixture of liquids creating fake milk or fake juice.  They are sealed at the rim with a sturdy glue which is not necessary to make them function, but we do it for shipping purposes and to encourage parents to tell their children to NOT open the bottles and to NOT drink the contents.  In some cases, with force, they may come open.

SAFETY FIRST:  Our products are recommended for any child who understands and obeys directions.  We could make all of our bottles non-toxic, but it has been our experience that our combination of liquids holds up the best and looks the best. Only the preemie bottles that we sell are filled with non-toxic liquid, but they have to be shaken on a regular basis.

CAN NON-TOXIC BOTTLES BE TOXIC?  Yes. Bacteria can build up in any enclosed bottle, even water bottles you buy in the store to drink if they are left to sit over time.  It is never a good idea to think that it's ok to try to open reborn or Baby Alive bottles to drink the contents.  There simply is no reason to.


We have different types bottles that will work with most of Baby Alive dolls as well depending on the type of doll and what you want it to do.  We have the factory made disappearing milk doll bottles.  Type two are the bottles that are simply sealed with silicone at the nipple tip.  Type 3 are the bottles that are sealed at the nipple tip but have a magnet inside the silicone in the nipple tip.

TYPE ONE - CAN BE USED WITH ANY DOLL, BABY ALIVE OR OTHER - Disappearing Magic Milk or Disappearing Magic Juice Doll Bottles - Best suited for dolls that are 10-14 inches tall, regardless of the brand.

The manufactured, disappearing magic milk doll bottle.  Ours are branded by a company called Toysmith.

Disappearing Magic Milk and Juice Doll Bottles

21 Inch Reborn Doll Drinking from Disappearing Magic Milk Bottle

Disappearing Juice Bottle is about 4 1/2 inches tall.

Disappearing Magic Milk Bottle is about 4 1/2 inches tall.  Both Milk and Juice can be used as Baby Alive bottles since they have that hard plastic look and feel of other Baby Alive accessories.

Disappearing Milk bottle beside ruler.

12 inch tall Baby Alive doll

Bottle in mouth of 12 inch tall  baby alive doll.

As you can see, this bottle goes right inside the Baby Alive doll's mouth.  Liquid does NOT flow out of the bottle into the mouth.  It just looks like it does.  This is the safest type of bottle to buy for any young child who does not understand directions but wants to feed their baby.

This Baby Alive Doll is 11 inches tall.  As you can see, the bottle still fits inside her mouth.

The smallest Baby Alive doll that we have is 10 inches tall.

The disappearing magic milk bottle fits comfortably inside her mouth.

In conclusion, if you need a replacement Baby Alive bottle, this one is perfect for any child of any age.  It is factory sealed and fits into a variety of the doll's mouths.  It is difficult to break unless smashed on a hard floor and your child will never be able to open the bottle.  Recommendations are for ages 2 years or older.  We supervise my 1 year old grandson when he uses our products but he does like to grab the bottle and chew on it for himself.  We just redirect him away to something else.

Please watch for our next post when we will discuss our Baby Alive bottle number two option.


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