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Baby Alive Pacifiers - Handmade and Magnetic for 2010 My Baby Alive Doll

Baby Alive Pacifiers

It's pretty hard to find any cute baby alive pacifiers these days.  Once your original, hard plastic pacifier goes missing, then what do you do?

Well, we have been making our own pacifiers for our different sized Baby Alive Dolls.  For now, the best looking pacifiers that fit right inside the doll is for the 2010, interactive, My Baby Alive Doll.  They look adorable.  You can find a great selection on our Amazon website in our store.  Just type "handmade" in the search bar and the baby alive items will show up.  We are constantly looking for cute pacifiers for our dolls so feel free to check us out. 

Our Amazon Store
Here are a few samples for your preview.

These Baby Alive pacifiers are handmade by us.  A new pacifier is used.  We add a magnet and fill the nipple with silicone and let it dry.  It gets pretty messy but we clean it up and have a great product that will last you for as lo…

Baby Alive Bottles - Cute & Handmade

Baby Alive dolls come with their own little doll bottles.  They are cute and they work well with the dolls.  However, the older your doll gets, the harder it is to find replacement parts for the dolls, regardless of what it is.  You can buy them on our own website: CLICK HERE TO BUY

Because we have been making reborn baby doll bottles for years, (see our Etsy store) we looked into what other kinds of dolls might need some cute replacement bottles.  Baby Alive dolls were at the top of the list.

We have handmade some great combinations of Baby Alive bottles with matching pacifier sets or stand alone bottles as desired.  The bottles are made using a mixture of liquids creating fake milk or fake juice.  They are sealed at the rim with a sturdy glue which is not necessary to make them function, but we do it for shipping purposes and to encourage parents to tell their children to NOT open the bottles and to NOT drink the contents.  In some cases, with force, they may come open.


Baby Alive Dolls - Introduction to Cute Handmade Accessories

Having been making accessories for the Reborn Baby Doll market for years, it was obvious that the Baby Alive Doll market could use some sprucing up.

After watching numerous Baby Alive videos, one thing was certain.  So many people, young and old alike, love their dolls.  Most of the dolls being shown had lots of accessories and were being treated like family members.

We purchased a number of Baby Alive dolls to see what types of products would compliment each type of doll and add a bit of spice to their lives so to speak.  We made up a few really cute combinations to add to these little beauties and will be sharing them each time we get a chance.

Please visit our Ebay store for a selection of Baby Alive Bottles and Magnetic Pacifiers.  CLICK HERE.

 I'm not so sure that they spend as much money on accessories as those in the Reborn doll market do, but it might be because many of the actual brand name products don't look that real and aren't anywhere near as cute as the …