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Baby Alive Super Snackin Lily Dolls

We love the Baby Alive Super Snackin Lily dolls because they allow us to make very creative products for the dolls.  The reason is that they have nice, open and wide mouths that allow us to make customized pacifiers and bottles that will fit the whole way (most of the time) inside of Snackin Lily's mouth.

Here are the Baby Alive Super Snackin Lily Dolls that we have.  You can get them at a really great price on Amazon.  We know because we have checked around.  You can find some used ones but the prices are so close to what a new one would cost that it makes more sense to just buy a new one.

The first doll shown is the brunette Super Snackin Lily.  She does come with some wonderful accessories.  If you were to price each of these accessories out individually, you would find that they do cost quite a bit so she is a great bargain at this price.  She is NOT an interactive doll.  None of these dolls are.  That means that they will not make sounds when …
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Watch as My Baby Alive 2010 Makes Sounds While Drinking Her Custom Made Bottle!

Want a Custom Made Baby Alive Bottles?  

We love Baby Alive dolls in all sizes and shapes but what we love even more is making custom accessories that work with the dolls.  We have come up with all kinds of creative ideas that we want to share with you on this blog.  
We did make a video - not the greatest video and we will make more that show a bit more detail then this one, but this video will give you an idea of how we use a bottle with the magnet in the nipple tip, to allow our My Baby Alive 2010 doll make sucking sounds.  
Please watch the video below and if you want to buy one of our custom made Baby Alive magnetic doll bottles, you can go to our website, click on "Baby Alive" on the left hand side and see what we have available right now.  We are frantically adding items once again because we had to redo our website to meet Googles new https:  security requirements so please check back often.  We have already made LOTS of items for the Christmas and holiday season which …

Watch My Baby Alive 2010 Suck On Her Magnetic Pacifier

We made a short video of our My Baby Alive 2010 sucking on our Customized Born to Shop Magnetic Pacifier.  
Please remember that we are not professional video makers as you can see but we wanted you to see how easy and safe it is to use our custom pacifiers for your large, deep mouth, interactive My Baby Alive 2010 doll.  
Thanks for watching!

Video of My Baby Alive 2010 Sucking on her Born to Shop Magnetic Pacifier.

Baby Alive Custom Accessories for the Older, Larger, Open Mouth & Magnetic Dolls


It is so much fun to find cute items to use as accessories for our own Baby Alive dolls.  With that being said, we are limited to making some items only for the older Baby Alive dolls that have the large, deep, open mouths.  Make sure you are not so brand centered that you aren't able to "think outside the box" when looking at these items.  There is nothing wrong with being brand centered but you miss out on the fun of being creative when there are other, viable options for your dolls. If you are only a brand name buyer, we only have a few items available, but if you want cute and different for your doll, and you want to put a smile on your child's face, you've come to the right place.

We sell on 3 different sites.  We have hundreds of item combinations we haven't even listed yet because we just don't have the time, but we are always creating more sets which make great gifts for anyone who …

Baby Alive Custom Made Bottles & Pacifiers - So Cute!

Baby Alive dolls now have more accessory choices with the custom made magnetic or non-magnetic bottles and custom made magnetic or non-magnetic pacifiers.  These items are made from real baby bottles and pacifiers.

Just look in the menu column for Dolls or Baby Alive Accessories.  


Safety is the responsibility of the parent or person in charge of the child.  We recommend our custom made doll items for ages 8 years and older, but we do believe that a parent can decide what age is right based on the following information.   
Do NOT put these items in your mouthDo NOT suck or chew on the itemsDo NOT force the bottle open by trying to unscrew the bottle lidKeep magnets away from all electronics including pacemakers and defibrilatorsKeep away from small children who may be able to swallow a pacifierStore the bottles upright when not usingShake the bottles regularly to keep the fake &…

Baby Alive Pacifiers - Handmade and Magnetic for 2010 My Baby Alive Doll

Baby Alive Pacifiers

It's pretty hard to find any cute baby alive pacifiers these days.  Once your original, hard plastic pacifier goes missing, then what do you do?

Well, we have been making our own pacifiers for our different sized Baby Alive Dolls.  For now, the best looking pacifiers that fit right inside the doll is for the 2010, interactive, My Baby Alive Doll.  They look adorable.  You can find a great selection on our Amazon website in our store.  Just type "handmade" in the search bar and the baby alive items will show up.  We are constantly looking for cute pacifiers for our dolls so feel free to check us out. 

Our Amazon Store
Here are a few samples for your preview.

These Baby Alive pacifiers are handmade by us.  A new pacifier is used.  We add a magnet and fill the nipple with silicone and let it dry.  It gets pretty messy but we clean it up and have a great product that will last you for as lo…

Baby Alive Bottles - Cute & Handmade

Baby Alive dolls come with their own little doll bottles.  They are cute and they work well with the dolls.  However, the older your doll gets, the harder it is to find replacement parts for the dolls, regardless of what it is.  You can buy them on our own website: CLICK HERE TO BUY

Because we have been making reborn baby doll bottles for years, (see our Etsy store) we looked into what other kinds of dolls might need some cute replacement bottles.  Baby Alive dolls were at the top of the list.

We have handmade some great combinations of Baby Alive bottles with matching pacifier sets or stand alone bottles as desired.  The bottles are made using a mixture of liquids creating fake milk or fake juice.  They are sealed at the rim with a sturdy glue which is not necessary to make them function, but we do it for shipping purposes and to encourage parents to tell their children to NOT open the bottles and to NOT drink the contents.  In some cases, with force, they may come open.